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Baggage competes in The ONE Fest! April 2019

Big News!

Baggage at the Door was accepted to the ONE Festival in New York City! From April 22-28, 10 shows will compete for the title of The One. Come support, and cast your vote, to garner Dana the win and a fully-produced run of the show later this year! INCREDIBLE!

:Baggage at the Door shows slots:

Wednesday April 24, 8-19pm

Friday April 9, 6-8pm

Saturday April 26, 2-4pm

at Teatro LATEA - 107 Suffolk St.

The winner will be decided by audience vote, so plan to stay to the end of the 2-hour block to cast your ballot.

To win would mean a fully-produced NYC run of my show later this year.

Please come, and VOTE BAGGAGE!

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