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Save/Reload prepares for NYC Festival Debut October 2024

Following a successful Off-Bway run of her (semi-autobiographical) 1-person musical Baggage at the Door, Dana Aber is now preparing to share her brother's (semi-autobiographical) story: Save/Reload.

Written at the behest of and in collaboration with Broadway's Drew Aber, Save/Reload is an action-packed video game saga comes to life through an interactive multimedia setting, in which technology meets magic. Stuck in a frustrating cycle that mirrors his own life, an obsessive gamer has exhausted every option but one to conquer and finish his RPG fantasy video game - truly stepping up. The Player must inhabit his weapon-wielding avatar to uncover new strategies to beat the final big-boss, the mysterious Shadow King. As he repeatedly saves and reloads in a desperate attempt to accomplish this task and vanquish the seemingly unbeatable final foe, he is drawn deeper and deeper into the game itself, until it is no longer clear where the game ends and his reality begins.

Save/Reload will make its NYC festival debut with 3 performances within the New York Theater Festival's AutumFest, in October. Performances: Tuesday Oct 22, 9pm, Wednesday Oct 23 6:3pm, & Friday Oct 26th 4:30pm. Stay tuned for cast annoucements!

Click here for photo coverage of the 2022 reading presentation at AMT Theater.

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