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An original concert linking artists across the country

to the cultural movement for gender equality

In San Francisco

Nov 9 at 7pm

at ACT's Costume Shop theatre

 1117 Market St at 7th St

across from Civic Center Plaza


In New York

Nov 21 at 9:30pm

at The Tank

46th between 6th and 7th Aves

Big Thunder Production’s #YesAllWomen Raise Your Voice concept concert stems from the #YesAllWomen Twitter handle, which quickly became an open forum for people to connect and recount their testimonies of harassment and assault following the YouTube confessionals and War On Women manifesto posted online by Elliot Rogers and the subsequent massacre he perpetrated at USC Santa Barbara in May of 2014. 


The culture of fear, harassment, misogyny, and anti-female bullying is a nationwide concern

that can only be changed by addressing the issue through word and deed. 

From the hotbed of American theatre in New York City, Big Thunder Productions has cultivated the #YesAllWomen Raise Your Voice concert project hoping to  connect performing arts communities around the country and add voice to this immediate social issue of gender equality.  The concert of 12 original songs will travel with its creator and director, Dana Aber, into multiple cities, and be performed by local talent in every venue, creating a unified theatrical experience in tandem with the #YesAllWomen message.  By linking artist to artist through common experiences and common songs, we strengthen the unity and connect people in a common voice.


Raise Your Voice

Taking on this new project are a vibrant group of hot composers, including: Anna Jacobs [Dramatist Guild fellow, San Diego theatre critics award for “Harmony, Kansas”]; Rachel Peters [Composer in Residence of The Coterie, ASCAPlus award, New Dramatists, Studio & American Opera Projects’ Composers and the Voice];Katie Thompson [Broadway performer and award-winning singer-songwriter showcased on “So You Think You Can Dance”]; Bill Nelson [Dramatists Guild Fellow, recipient of 4 SCENIE awards for “Harmony, Kansas”]; and Marisa Michelson [Jonathan Larson award, composer of award-winning “Tamar of the River”], amongst others. These creators contributed their works towards the Raise Your Voice concert, and are delighted that the piece is performing in New York City and into regions throughout the country.  

Help us spread the movement through our music.

Raise your voice. 

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Other Ways You Can Raise Your Voice

  • Can't contribute?  Share this project with someone else!  Who knows who you know for whom this message will resonate!  We need all the voices!                                                              

  • Can't sing?  Let us sing for you!  It is our passion and our privelege                                            

  • Nervous to share your own story?  That's okay!  Ask Dana to share it for you

  • on the #YesYourVoice twitter page!                                                                                                                   

  • Afraid people will think you hate men because you believe that women are people too?  We understand!  But we LOVE men!  And have several men composers contribute songs, and several men singing in the concert!                                                                                            

  • Interested in other aspects of the #YesAllWomen movement?  Check out the twitter feed!  So many people sharing their thoughts, it's like a community bulletin board.                                                                                                                       

  • Remember that impossible things are happening every day---this project will happen too, we have no doubt.  But it will be MORE possible with your support.


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