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Virtual Assistance

Creative Business Savvy direct from The Big Apple

 Being a successful grassroots producer requires clear communication and results-oriented action.

Over the past 7 years, our founder Dana Aber-Torres has navigated the company into 3 different states’ major audience markets through well-researched planning and creative outreach. Her business experience is also put to use as a virtual assistant for other creative business ventures, utlizing project management skills, digital marketing, and video production.  

How can she help elevate your business? 

o Strong communication skills in person, over the phone, across media
o Inception-to-presentation producer, including video/audio production

o Marketing experience including cross-platform design/branding 

o Energized by interdepartmental creative processes
o Experience managing creative output of 40+ vendors per project 

o Flexible collaborative style with other creative & corporate personalities
o Unflappable under pressure

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