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 Dana Aber-Torres 

calm, steady, & at the ready

Congrats!  You've become engaged!  You're expecting a baby!  You're nearing a big anniversary!  You're hosting a gala!  

Now what?

I've been there!

       Hi! I'm Dana Aber-Torres.

I decided to become an event coordinator after designing and hosting my own wedding...and bachelorette party...and In-laws' first-meet lunch...and post-wedding brunch...  I didn't exactly expect to plan and coordinate ALL of the big events surrounding my nuptials, but it was a smart call; my family and friends appreciated knowing that I 'had' them at every stage of our wedding weekend. 

Don't Worry

I'm used to working with anxious actors, worried writers, fancy-pantses, and the hungry masses. In fact, I used to manage one of the most fast-paced celebrity hotspots in the East Village--yikes--so please believe, I'm not spooked by stern vendors or stressed flower girls. There's no personality that phases me, and no ego that a little finesse can't soothe. Between crisis-management to creative problem-solving, I'm there to be a buffer between you and all the static that's clamoring for your attention. 

It's your day -- I'll make sure it stays that way.  

Calm & Focus

Through my years of hospitality service coupled by running a production company used to wrangling upwards of 40 artists per production,

I have a keen understanding of how to use 

planning and information as a way to keep everyone calm and prepared. Seems obvious, right? But, when you let someone like me extend that information to all the branches of your family, vendors, and team,

then YOU can just enjoy the day.  

Let's Chat

We can discuss all your specific vision for your event, your must-haves vs your would-be's, and your secret hopes and wildest-dream-wishes and find the smartest way to accomplish them.  I want to hear all about it!  From pre-event planning to day-of coordination, I'll keep notes, help with research, and talk through your event's time-table, to find the plan that makes you happy.  We will map it out together and choose the best route;


then, pass me the keys, and let me drive.  

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Your event, your way, & on your terms.

 Dana Aber-Torres 

     Art isn't easy,

    but we thunder on.

Big Thunder Productions is a NYC-based production company.

parent company of: Aber Ever After Events - your wedding, your way.