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FINAL BLOW teaser is live!

Perhaps the Big Bad Wolf wasn’t bad, she just had boundaries.

An older bride moving towards marriage notices a bestie-shaped absence in her bridal party and sorts through the straw, sticks, and bricks of what makes a monster, lest her past crash into her future. Best friends – boundaries – blame – and the Big Bad Wolf.

FINAL BLOW a 1-person play by Dana Aber

Synopsis: In FINAL BLOW, one woman wonders whether the big bad wolf was really bad, or just had boundaries. As she flails against the clock to rehearse her one-woman show, a bride-to-be wrestles with her upcoming wedding’s tricky guest list. One friend’s reluctance to be a bridesmaid throws open the vault to previous failed friendships with former-besties, and she considers where—or if—she went awry. Sorting through the straw, sticks, and bricks of it all, she wonders if the fairy tale got it all wrong.

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