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Baggage at the Door

debuts Off-Bway!

November 2023

at AMT Theater

354 W. 45th St. 

in partnership with Fountain House NYC 

to destigmatize mental health conversations and care 



this project is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas and can receive

tax-deductible donations, including QCDs (qualified charitable donations)

Big Thunder Productions prepares for an Off-Broadway production run the new musical Baggage at the Door

Tuesday March 14  -  7pm

AMT Theater

354 W. 45th Street, btw. 8/9th Ave

New York, NY 

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She seems perfectly fine, put-together and confident, striding through her colorful big city life — but beneath that sunny surface insidious terrors from her past tear at her carefully structured facade and threaten to dismantle her. Monsters without and within, video game heroes, triggering soundscapes, original songs written in collaboration with award-winning emerging composers, the new musical Baggage at the Door captures post-pandemic anxieties and mental health challenges while focusing on one woman’s struggle to disrupt cycles of spiraling self-sabotage. Courage and hope confront fear and trauma at the doorway to new possibilities in this sometimes serious and often comical journey.  

When falling in love triggers her lurking PTSD, 
she might be f*#&ed.

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